Prevent Commom Government Mistakes with Sites Translations

August 24, 2014
Everybody wants to tap into the Hispanic market due to its Huge buying power. Including the US government with the Affordable Care Act Marketplace Site, which by the way, had a horrific experience when it machine translated its site.

I wonder if you have noticed major companies that have Spanish websites include Sears, Best Buy, Victoria’s Secret, Amway, Avon and Nike Inc. to name but a few, and that they all have a prominent link at the top of their home page to the Spanish site. 
Before you make the decision to move forward with tapping into the huge Hispanic community in the United States, you might want to hire a Spanish translation service. Read Article... 

Chaos When Translate into Spanish With Machine Translation

August 24, 2014
It is painful to the naked eye when reading billboards, websites, governmental sites, documents, employer documents or plain business advertisement and see how a language can be trashed when not properly translated. Normally, those documents are machine translations; whether a software or and online site like Goggle Translate, Babylon and iAmtranslator.  I particularly like to use the online dictionary and thesaurus to find alternative words for my pros, again, very handy and fast—thanks to...
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