Company Overview

Communicate Translation Service (CTS) provides translation services to private and public business sectors. Among the public sector, entities are: governmental agencies such as federal, state and local city entities. CTS has over 15 years of combined translation experience on various industries and over 50 language pairs. Among some of the industries ispecializes in are:

                •         General business
                •         Marketing and sales
                •         Legal
                •         Real estate
                •         P&C | life and health personal and commercial insurance lines
                •         Financial services
                •         Human resources
                •         Webpage content and localization
                •         IT and technical other
                •         Academic and Artistic among others

Mission Statement:

CTS will provide accurate translation service to ensure companies effectively communicate with its intended audience. We’ll strive to properly capture cultural nuances without incurring idiomatic peculiarities, preventing regional vocabulary and syntax errors, keeping in mind cultural intricacies and idiosyncrasies.

Business Philosophy:

CTS philosophy is to facilitate corporations; small, medium, large, from private, and public sectors the ability to effectively communicate in any language with their customers and clients; thus, excel in customer service, maximize loyalty and increase sales.

Language translation involves more than literal translation or replacing a word with its equivalent in another language; sentences and ideas must be assembled to flow with the same coherence as those in the source document so that the translation reads as though it originated in the target language.

CTS bears in mind any cultural references that may need to be explained to the intended audience, such as colloquialisms, slang and other expressions that do not translate literally. I.e. “I’ll hit you later”, “Let’s crash for a while before going out.” If these phrases were to be translated literally into any other language, as is the case with machine and instant Internet translations, it could offend the target audience or provide wrong instructions.

Some subjects may be more difficult than others to translate, as is with technical writing, because words or passages may have multiple meanings that make several translations possible or it could simply not be possible to translate; thus, having to explain the meaning of such term. Not surprisingly, translated work often goes through multiple revisions before final text is submitted.

Prior Experience:

We have over 15 years translation experience and can assist you with translation with over 50 languages around the globe. CTS has worked with public and governmental agencies such as Independent School Districts providing translation of documents for district’s schools and various departments. (Due to privacy agreements with governmental and public agencies, we cannot disclose their names or contact information) 

Staff Qualifications:

All our translators have greater than three years experience; most hold linguistic and literary degrees or have vast field experience and belong to certified translation organizations such as: American Translator Association (ATA), The International Federation of Translators (FIT), Spanish Association of Centres of Translation, The Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI), Latin American Translator Association.

Staff Training and Evaluation:

CTS makes sure its staff are proficient in all aspect of the translation process. Training activities are provided for all translators, editors, proofreaders and other linguistic professionals. CTS provides training and assistance with language quality evaluation and preparation and marking of exams in revision and related fields in ongoing basis.

Training provided to staff:

    • Training in language and translation
    • Practical training on Clear and Effective Communication
    • Ongoing skills review in translation, editing and proofreading
    • Research criteria and methodology- Proper use of linguistic dictionaries, reference manuals, databases, glossaries, translation memories, generation of style guides, terminology coordination and DTP tasks.
    • Internet tools- using tools to browse and search the Internet.

Text Evaluation:

CTS assesses the quality of texts translated, revised, or written directly in over 50 languages, using recognized criteria that ensure fairness and objectivity. Our evaluation professionals assess the quality of written work for a variety of reasons, such as:

The assessment may involve:

Performance of a translator, editors, proofreaders or other language professional

          • Assessment of the linguistic quality of a particular document
                  • A single text
                  • A number of texts done by one person
                  • A sampling of texts from a work unit

Quality assessments always include an explanation of error markings, and detailed comments by the evaluators regarding strong and weak points identified in the texts. Where a large number of texts are being assessed, a report is prepared for the project manager.


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