The pricing system (Nonprofit organizations and religious organizations get 10% discount)

There are several factors we consider when quoting a specific project. The main criterion is the number of words. Other factors include the difficulty of the material (technical translations cost more than non-technical) and any other special requests. Each project is quoted independently.

Translations are normally charged on a per word basis. For most Latin and Alphabet languages at exception of all Exotic languages, the number of words used in this calculation is that of the translated document.

The per word rate varies depending on:

    1. The type of translation in question
    2. The deadline
    3. The target demographic/reader (i.e. whether you need it so that a native Spanish speaker can understand the meaning or for publication.)
    4. The formatting required

Rates per word*:

    • General Translation:               per word
    • Intermediate Translation:        per word
    • Technical Translation:            per word
    • Software Localization*:          per word

* Includes text in software strings (RC) and text in help files (formats HLP and CHM) Call or email for rates-rates are project specific.

Formatting charges

If there are simple lines and graphics on your original copy where we can type the source language, we should be able to complete the project without any additional charges. However, if additional lines or graphics must be created or if extensive formatting is required, formatting charges will apply. We will evaluate each page and let you know how much this would be. (Formatting charges need to be assessed on a per job basis. The per hour rate will depend on the complexity of the required file)

Surcharge for Direct-to-HTML coding (Web Sites) or other complex formats: If the file to be translated is not in MS Word or Plain-text format, a surcharge may apply:


Estimates do not include additional charges that might be applicable due to necessary Desktop Publishing or formatting of documents. Documents submitted in any MSO application, text or editable PDF would not incur additional charges.

Additional services and charges:



         $35 for first notarized document and $10 for additional notarization within the same   project.

Formatting and DTP  

To be assessed on a per job basis-Depending on complexity of work. A per hour rate. Surcharge for Direct-to-HTML coding (Web Sites) or other complex formats: If the file to be translated is not in MS Word or Plain-text format, a surcharge may apply. (To be determined on a per job basis)

Subtitling from translated text file        

A per word charge—some languages and technical difficulty might cost more. 

Transcription from Audio                             

A per audio hour charge. Depending on language and complexity of subject/target language. A per hour charge.


2500 words < 24 hours                50% increase of normal rates

2500 words < 6 hours                   Double the normal rates