Areas of specialization

Although we can translate documents from an array of industries and subject matter, the following are our general areas of expertise:

  • Banking
  • Business
  • Construction
  • Economics
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Medical records
  • Investment
  • Leisure Industry
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Personnel / HR
  • Software
  • Websites/ HTMLTechnical writing


CTS provides translation of documents in over 50 pair languages, transcriptions, translations, interpreting and subtitles of audiovisuals. Privacy of our customers is our number one priority. Thus, we do all jobs abiding to non-disclosure agreements’ guidelines to protect our clients and their documents.

Quality translations

Are the key to effective communication to successfully reach your target market or intended audience. We carefully select, employ, train and equip language experts to handle complex and challenging material. Communicate Translation Service can handle an array of subject matter: technical, financial services, marketing, general business, academic or creative among many others. We ensure accurate and appropriate translations by maintaining exceptionally high standards.

Translation Process

While machine translations cannot capture the nuances of context, culture, and appropriate interpretation, Communicate Translation Service through a human process can provide you, our customer, with unparalleled quality. Our translation process is composed of a three-step approach, known as "TEP": Translation, Editing, and Proofreading.


Subject matter experts are assigned to translate your material using current terminology lists, dictionaries, style guides, and reference material. Communicate Translation Service ensures that all translations are accurate and adhere to the culture and customs of your intended audience taking into account nuances and special cultural idiosyncrasies.


Our editors’ main focus is to validate our translators' adherence to specific linguistic requirements and to verify that all nuances of the source language were correctly communicated, accomplishing for the translated document to read as though it was written in the target language.


In doing things right from the start, our final linguistics gatekeepers or proofreaders, provide an additional level of quality control making sure there are no punctuation and spelling errors. When require or necessary, our proofreaders work very closely with desktop publishing teams, software/web engineers, and project managers to ensure seamless integration into the overall localization process of your product.

The following is a short sample of some of the materials we usually translate  

Document formats supported:

Employee Manual
Business Proposals
Websites / HTML
Medical & Business Reports
Brochures / Flyers
Legal Documents
Product Specs
Software Localization
Help Files / GUI
Instruction Manuals
Marketing and Sales Materials

                 The typical life cycle of our translation process is as follows:      

                   Project Management

  1. Original documents/files are received via e-mail, fax, or delivery service.
  2. Project Managers analyze documents/files and determine the scope of the project.
  3. Translators and subject matter experts are chosen based on their expertise.
  4. A specific terminology is defined and a glossary is created for the project.
  5. Handpicked translators translate and/or localize your documents/files.
  6. Subject matter experts review the draft translation for technical and/or scientific adaptation.
  7. Quality Assurance professionals check the overall quality, accuracy, style, and consistency of translation.
  8. The final translation is laid out and formatted to match the original documents/files as closely as possible.
  9. The final product is delivered--always on time.


Our pair translations can be clearly understood by native speakers and intended audience. For example, any Spanish-speaking person from Latin America, Spain and the United States. This is because we use what is known as "neutral" or "generic" Spanish. We abide by the uses and definitions set by the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, without incurring in idiomatic peculiarities and minimizing regional vocabulary and syntax. However, if your need to target your translation to a specific country, we can certainly accommodate you. This same approach is used with the over 50 pair languages we can help you with.

                      We translate websites

We can translate your sales copy into over 50 pair languages making sure the translation maintains your marketing approach utilized for your target audience. Since we have our own in-house Internet division, we can quickly and easily translate any web site. In addition to translating your web site, we can also format the translation in HTML so all you need to do is simply upload your translated web pages.

Additional services:

              • Notarization of documents
              • Proofreading
              •  Desktop Publishing and Formatting   


New Service coming soon

                            Tele-Interpreting Service

Phone-municate-(c) Communicate Translation Service offers a highly competitive flat rate per minute. We provide telephone interpreting for English/Spanish pair any time, any day. Volume discounts are also available.

No contracts to sign, no set-up, minimum, or monthly fees. Our Phone-municate (c) clients receive a detailed invoice for service at the end of each month.

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